14 abril 2011

- how we act?
- like we don’t care
- why we do this?
- because we are stupid
- you and me?
- no, the rest
- yes, you and me too. 'cause we don't make nothing to change it
- and what can we do? nothing
- we don't have a power
- power doesn't matter. love should be stronger
- the love move mountains
- doesn't move now, unfortunately
- unfortunately... but the stronger guy comes to change everything
- who is the stronger guy?
- It's a misterious
- I gotta know who he is, so I could say :" runs faster for me "
- no, hasn’t a Flash of League of Justice
- I don't understand
- yes it runs. not for me, but it runs!
- hahaha
- :)
- you're sad?
- I'm not sad. I'm disappointed
- with the stronger guy?
- maybe yes. he ran away, he wanted to get out of my heart. and I don't understand why. isn't stupid?
- just a little bit…
- yes. a little bit is the right answer.
- but the answers are in the sky
- but i'm here
- let's wait to grows wings in the humans..
- and that would be magic!

(a melhor conversa que tive nos últimos tempos)

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Anónimo disse...

The answer,my friend ... is blowing in the wind ! ( Bob Dylan )
Keep listening to the wind, some day, you'll know what to do : )

- Flávia Canastra

cátia lima disse...

obrigada ivone. não está nada demais :')
esquece, que fofa a conversa. adorei!

Mafalda disse...

Adorei o blog, vou seguir ;)

Sara Almeida disse...


● Jéss ' ♔ disse...

gostei muito!

inês limaa. disse...

é mesmo ivone :) adoro-o!
que conversa o: gooooosto!

Emmeline disse...

muito obrigada*